Unique Entertainment for Private and Corporate Events

Nobody wants more of the same old thing — you want something  different but proven to entertain.

The guests at your corporate event will be talking about James and his Numerology Readings long after the event is over. 

It’s entertainment people will have fun with in the moment and then remember long afterward. That’s exactly what you get with numerology readings by James Kagan.

Your guests and clients will have a great time and you'll be thanked for bringing in something so wonderfully unique.

Well, that was a fun reading - a lot of what you said definitely applies. Thanks!
Bill F.
The reading was spot on — I dive into things and am always promoting truths others don’t see. It was a great reading - very, very interesting how this all works. Thanks again!
Neil M.

What's A Reading Like?

The first thing to know is it’s fun. And there’s nothing “occult” about it so you don’t have to worry about employees or clients being offended, which can sometimes happen with palm and tarot readers. James says “It’s like a quick personality test where people uncover hidden traits or abilities based on their birthdate.”

A reading is one-on-one and takes about 3-5 minutes per person as James reveals personality traits that speak to their potential. The outcome is decidedly positive, for everyone.

Even though the reading is one-on-one, usually the first thing people do afterwards is to go show others what they discovered on the numerology chart they get to take home.

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John Doe

Here are a few things you need to know about hiring James Kagan…

Event Types

For price and scheduling, email James with information about your event, or fill the form below, and he’ll respond within 2 business days.

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