The longer people hang out in your coffee shop,
the more coffee and snacks they’ll buy…

So Here's A Fun Way To Give Them A Reason To Hang Out A Little Longer...

…and it won’t cost your shop a cent!

My name is James and I help people discover hidden personality traits with numerology readings. 

With just a birthdate I’ll uncover the unique talents of the people in your shop.

James, why are you doing this FREE? What’s the catch?!

I’m fairly new to the Phoenix area and am starting to book myself as a numerologist for private parties and corporate events. Meeting new people and getting word-of-mouth going is my goal. Hanging out at a coffee shop giving readings is the first step in my master plan of world domination.

Worst case scenario? You sell me a large iced coffee and I sit for a while. (Which is something I tend to do, anyway.)

Best case scenario? You sell me a large iced coffee and other people hang out a little longer than they would otherwise waiting to get their own reading. And getting thirsty again, and seeing how good that food looks…